After years of bouncing from therapist to therapist and never once connecting with or feeling truly understood by any of them I was completely ready to give up hope. After finding myself in a very bad dark place in my life I was referred to Janessa by a friend and within 5 minutes of meeting her I knew the hope I had given up had been restored. I came to Janessa with several issues. Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. From day 1 there was never any delusion or confusion about the type of help and services that she could offer me. If she felt that she could not, or was not the best person to address a particular issue I was having, Janessa being as extremely resourceful as she is, made sure to find someone or some other type of resource that could address a particular need I may have had. But what struck me most about Janessa, and inadvertently what I disliked most about all my other past therapists, was her compassion and understanding but even more was the sincerity with which she offered it. I have never felt so comfortable and truly cared about by almost anyone let alone a therapist. Janessa takes what she does to an entirely different level and while being 100% professional offers the support, trust, and understanding most would be lucky to find in a best friend. She completely changed my views on therapy and therapists. Bottom line, Janessa was the support and guidance I needed at a time I needed it most and she will never know what she has done for me or the level of gratitude, admiration, and respect that I hold for her both as a therapist but more importantly as a person.

-TP-Bergen County

Janessa was extremely helpful as my husband and I worked through our relationship issues. She was an attentive and caring listener who helped us develop action plans to work on from session to session. She created a comfortable, non-threatening atmosphere that allowed us to air our true feelings. We were able to resolve all of our major issues and years later are still married having overcome that difficult time in our relationship. We would highly recommend Janessa to anyone going through a tough time.

– Laura K.

Janessa was wonderful! Totally engaged and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout our sessions. Janessa was able to listen attentively and provide very specific guidance, which helped both me and my significant other resolve our concerns. Janessa is someone I would highly recommend because she is sincere in her approach to helping her clients.

– RJM Washington, NJ

I have had the pleasure of working with Janessa Borges, LCSW, from 2011 – 2017. The thing that brought me to Janessa was a childhood trauma that resurfaced in my adulthood. Janessa expertly helped me to process the event and supported me as I worked my way through the pain. Once the work of that task was complete, I became acutely aware of how that early event shaped my interactions in all my relationships. I noticed how I had no voice with the people I cared about. I began to see that I wasn’t very clear in what I wanted or expected. I also felt stressed out and angry much of the time. I hadn’t made the connection between good emotional “self-care” and my level of anger. Janessa helped me to see that I could feel so much stronger as a woman when I began to speak up for myself. She patiently guided me as I took baby steps to reclaiming myself: my likes, my dislikes, my goals, what I was willing and unwilling to do for someone else. She assigned homework, which was so very beneficial for me. I believe my progress was amplified by my willingness to work on myself outside of our weekly hour. Janessa did her best to prepare me for the fact that relationships would be tested with the new way that I was being myself. (The improved me, JP 2.0). And then she offered to guide me and my husband through a difficult time. The last few years the therapy was marriage counseling. I credit the fact that I am about to celebrate my 17th wedding anniversary with Janessa’s experience and caring. She genuinely wanted me to be my happiest self, the best version of me. The skills she left me with here in NJ have gotten me through additional rough patches. Thanks to Janessa I feel confident that I can handle any situation life throws at me and know that I will come out, not just ok, but happier for the decisions I have made. I no longer coast with the status quo for fear of rocking the boat. I speak up for myself; and that feels really good!


It is my distinct pleasure and sincere honor to personally recommend Janessa Borges, LCSW. We came to her several months ago in dire need of help. From day one, she has had a sense of urgency for our situation while providing understanding, empathy, attention, acceptance, and encouragement. She has given our family a “safe” space to speak a dialogue that is both truthful and revealing without feeling judged, one where we can express ourselves honestly and unscripted to get to a place of healing. Janessa has provided our daughter with the ability to independently solve problems by not handing out solutions, but by TEACHING her how to approach each situation that she may encounter while giving her the tools necessary to do so. As a family, we have learned through our time with Janessa new ways of thinking, the importance of being honest with ourselves, how to manage our emotions and, most importantly, how to effectively communicate; all of which is possible because she encourages and facilitates ways of practicing the new skills, and embracing new habits while using them in our everyday life. With much gratitude.


I reached out to Janessa for issues in my relationship. Although it was a Sunday, she took her time and answered all the questions I had right away, and I booked an appointment in the following days. Janessa made me realize a lot of things that were going on in my life. What I loved the most, was that she is a realist and always made me understand things by clarifying situations. She is very professional and her office is very adorable. I recommend her to everyone who needs to have clarity in their life; she’s amazing .

– V.S.

I have been going to Janessa for over a year now and she has helped me in so many ways. Not only has she opened my eyes about many things but has also given me the tools I need to head towards a brighter journey. She is very flexible and always tries her hardest to accommodate my hectic schedule. I wouldn’t think of going to anyone else. I had gone to other therapists prior to meeting her and was never happy. With Janessa I am comfortable and I highly recommend her services.

-LD, Somerville, NJ

Great experience with Janessa Borges. I felt very comfortable with her and I felt she showed professionalism at every appointment. Would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of counseling.