Therapist Website Design


Are there Ethical questions surrounding Therapist Website Design & Marketing for Mental Health Services?

Brand Image and Therapist Website Design

Marketing professionals view you and your business as a “brand.” That’s right; just like Starbucks, Netflix or Amazon. As a brand you have an image that is projected to your professional community and to your clients. Refinement of your brand is the first order of business in Internet marketing. And nowhere will your brand image be more prominent than your website. Every element on your website, the logo, every image and all content must work together to produce consistency and speak to who you are and what you offer.

It used to be very difficult and costly for someone to build a website for their therapy business.

Once upon a time, the only way to build a website was for you to find and hire a professional to develop it. Lots of time and lots of money. And even once it was complete, updating the site was a chore that required more time and a big learning curve. But fear not! In recent years, the rise of website builders has made owning and building a professional looking website something that most people can do easily and quite affordably.

Consumers and Smart Phones

Your potential clients are pushed for time so they may conduct research for a therapist while “on the go”. This means they will access your website via their smart phone. A good mobile site is not just a scaled down version of a desk top website. It must be simple, direct and to the point. Large navigation icons will increase users time on the site. And concentration of content into fewer pages will reduce time consuming page loading.

Brand image, websites, mobile sites, blogs, hosting, domain name, SEO….Internet Marketing 101 is a complicated, detailed and often confusing. To make matters worse the rules of the game change frequently. As we said in the opening of this article, the skills of a psychologist or psychiatrist may be different than the skills of an Internet marketer. As a professional you must ask yourself “how will I spend my time – where will my focus be.” If your choice is to spend your time with clients, professional colleagues or engaged in research, then consider outsourcing Internet marketing to a third party. Take your time in selecting a partner with a solid skill set and impeccable integrity. and is ready to help so that you may do what you love.

Undici Design is a website design studio located in the West Village neighborhood of New York City. The company was created in 1991.

In the beginning our work was inherently print related, then, since 2000 the focus has been primarily on identity marks and website design. We have since further specialized in custom software applications, with a focus on Therapist Website Design.