Who is couples counseling for?

Couples Counseling Naples

Couples counseling is for any couple who wants to improve conflicts that arise in their relationship. If these conflicts begin to jeopardize your relationship or cause significant unhappiness, couples counseling may be the tool to help.

Couples therapy is effective for couples in long-term, committed relationships who want to improve how they communicate, interact, and understand one another. While some are married, marriage isn’t necessary to attend couples counseling.

When should you seek couples counseling?
Although there is no “right time” to seek counseling, most people reach out after some sort of catalyst occurs. This catalyst could include a big fight, or merely a realization that you’re tired of fighting.

You may seek couples counseling after certain problems arise in the relationship, such as those related to sexual or financial activities, or after infidelity. Other times, it may have to do with a mental health condition or drug and alcohol abuse.

Although many couples seek therapy when their relationship is in trouble, couples also see a psychologist during times of transition, including when:

There’s a baby on the way
You’re considering adoption
Someone becomes chronically ill
You’re considering a big move
Children start leaving home
You’re separating, but want to do it amicably
What happens during couples counseling?

Although Janessa approaches treatment for each couple on an individual basis, there are some things you can expect during couples therapy. Through weekly, hour-long sessions, she converses with you and your partner and observes how you interact and communicate.

Janessa M. Borges, LCSW asks questions about what brought you to couples counseling and how your relationship has evolved into what it is today. This gives her insights and understanding into your relationship dynamics.

Once she understands the roots of your relationship problems, she helps you set realistic relationship goals, which can include things like improving listening and finding common ground.

If tension and conflict have found their way into your relationship, overcome them with the help of professional couples counseling. Call Janessa Borges office to schedule your initial consultation or book your appointment online today.